What is Sac Brew Bike?

Sac Brew Bike is a pedal powered, 15 passenger cycle that tours downtown Sacramento. Our mission is to provide the ultimate brew and bite experience by partnering with some of Sacramento’s best local tasting establishments. Sac Brew Bike is the original and only partybike you want to roll with as we set out to combine our love of exercise, food, drink, and FUN!

Why choose Sac Brew Bike?

As Sacramento’s original and favorite party bike, we have over 9 years of experience ensuring groups have the best tour experience possible. We have 6 Brew Bikes operating downtown, a private bar and taproom for your party needs, and have established great relationships with all of our partnering bars which offer our groups drink discounts at each stop. We also offer privately chartered brew tours for groups as large as 90 people where your group can pick all the bar stops, as well as have the option to bring beer/wine/cider/or canned cocktails aboard. Sac Brew Bike’s 15 passenger cycles are the best way to celebrate birthday’s, bachelor & bachelorette parties, team buildings & corporate outings, and the weekends by experiencing the best bars and craft beer Sacramento has to offer. While other companies may do their best to emulate us, it’s not truly a Brew Bike experience unless you roll with us.

Can I drink on Sac Brew Bike?

Yes, beer, wine, cider, hard seltzer waters, and canned cocktails are allowed aboard the Brew Bike on all tours. Each group is allowed to bring their own alcohol (BYOB) and consume while on the bike only. Allowances: either 36 oz of beer per person of up to 7.0% ABV or 16oz of wine in a manufacturer unopened sealed container. For example, a privately chartered bike with 15 passengers can bring a maximum of 45, 12oz cans of beer.

Plastic and aluminum only. No glass, No hard alcohol, and No mixed drinks are allowed aboard the Brew Bike. Please bring your own coolers so you can easily transport your beverages on and off the brew bike.

Can I eat on the Sac Brew Bike?

Absolutely! We generally recommend snack foods like chips and pretzels on the brew bike, as anything more is a bit difficult to actually eat while you’re pedaling, drinking, laughing, and having fun. If you do want to get some food while at the bar stops, please keep in mind you only have approximately 30 minutes at each stop and time goes fast.

Food ordering tips: Order shareable appetizer type plates and NOT meals, order it in a “to go” container, and place your order right when you arrive at the front of your group. Our drivers can also make some great recommendations for things to snack on at the stops as well!

Are there age requirements?

Yes. You must be at least 21 years old if you plan to ride on a brewpub tour. However, private tours may be booked on which the age requirement is 16 years or older if the bike is used for city (non-brewery related) tours. Please call if you have further questions.

How do I book a seat and what's the cost?

Click the “Book Now” tab or call us at 916-952-7973 to make a reservation for your Brew & Pub Tour. Sac Brew Bike allows you to book individual seats on our “Mixed Tours” or you can choose to privately charter the entire bike which seats a maximum of 15 passengers. You do not need to have 15 people to charter the entire bike, but we’d recommend having 6 people or more for our private charters.

Prices vary depending on tour length as we offer both a 2-hour tour with 2 bar stops, or a 3-hour tour with 3 bar stops. If you cannot find the tour you’re looking for, please give us a call 916-952-7973 and we can help you book! Custom tours, special requests, and multiple bikes for groups larger than 15 people may also be available, however must be reserved by phone.

What if we need more than 1 Brew Bike?

Large parties are not a problem as we have 7 Brew Bikes and can accommodate up to 105 passengers at once. If you have more than 15 passengers, you will need multiple Brew Bikes. To best accommodate you, we will need to check our schedule to make sure we can do your requested date and time. Please email us at info@sacbrewbike.com or call us at 916-952-0931 so we can help you.

What is the parking situation?

Parking can be tricky since we are in the middle of the city. There is “Pay for Parking” behind our building next to the train tracks, as well as limited street parking in front and around the surrounding blocks (19th to 20th and O to Q Streets). Please make sure you find at least 4 hour parking to avoid parking tickets.

Does everyone pedal?

No. There are 12 bicycle seats with backs, but only 10 of these have pedal cranks. 2 of the seats are above the wheels and are not equipped with pedals. There is also a 3-seat back bench, which is designed for those riders who want to relax or who are physically incapable of the rigors of pedaling.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, each pedal seat can support a maximum weight of 285 pounds. The back bench can support one individual with a maximum weight of 320 pounds, however for private tours this would reduce your maximum passenger count to 14 people.

How fast does the Sac Brew Bike go?

On average, about 5 mph—however, we may top out at a hair-blowing 7 mph if we really get our crank on!

Where do we go?

For our Brew and Pub Tours, we have partnered with a bunch of Midtown’s favorite local brew spots! Standard 2 hour tours typically allow us to stop at 2 establishments for approximately 30 minutes at each stop. Our extended 3 hour tour allows for a bit more time at each stop. Please see a list of our partners on our Bike Stops page. We have a close relationship with each stop to ensure a great customer experience, as well as to provide select discounts for all Brew Bike customers! However, if your group has the entire bike, you are welcome go wherever you’d like- just let us know! The tour ends right back where it started, at 1519 19th Street.

We are also happy to create a custom Brew Bike tour experience for you and your group. Common alternatives to our standard Brew and Pub tour are: all-inclusive food + drink  tours available Monday-Friday afternoon (*not available Friday night-Sunday), dessert tours, mural or art tours, trips to the capital, or event or holiday themed tours. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 916-952-7973 to arrange something special for your group!

BONUS! We start your tour off right at our private event space/tap room. We are the original, and only pedal powered tour company in Sacramento to offer an official brick and mortar space for you to meet your group. Fully equipped with local draft beer and cider from Sacramento breweries, 2 bathrooms, a big picnic table for toasting or playing games, plus a huge green wall to give you lots of fresh-off-the-leaf oxygen to get you ready for pedaling! Check out our Brew Bar page for more information.

Is music allowed?

Heck yeah music’s loud… er… allowed! Bring the tunes, and we’ll provide the bumpin’ speakers to play the hits! Please no explicit or lyrically offensive music.

What if it rains?

Our policy is that we roll rain or shine. We have a canopy over the top of the bike, which will help prevent getting soaked, but even with the canopy you will probably get a few sprinkles on you. We promise a little bit of rain will not stop the party! If you’re unsure, please bring a coat or book a tour for another day.

What are the terms and cancellation policy?


  • 15+ Days: 100% refund minus 10% transaction fee
  • Less Than 15 Days: 50% refund or rain check good for 6 months, your choice
  • Under 7 days: No refund or rain check.

***IMPORTANT*** If we are not able to book a MINIMUM OF 6 SEATS the bike will not go out, for physical reasons of pedaling the bike. We will contact you if there are less than 6 seats booked for your time slot to try and coordinate a different departure. If we are unable to meet this minimum, we will refund your payment if we are unable to reschedule your reservation.


All passengers on tours visiting local breweries, clubs, or bars must be over the age of 21. Please be prepared to provide photo ID and have already signed the Release of Liability Waiver online.

If there is inappropriate behavior, we have the authority to terminate a tour.

Inappropriate behavior will result in early termination of the tour and a forfeiture of all deposits and fees by the customer(s) who violated our terms. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Extreme intoxication
  • Excessive noise
  • Loitering more than 5 minutes after tour
  • Public urination
  • Littering

All tours start and end at 1519 19th Street. You may not abandon the tour by staying at the last brew stop, and if you choose to do so, there will be an automatic $75 charge to the credit card the tour was booked with.

Please have a designated driver for the ride home or plan to call a taxi. Please remember…Don’t drink and drive!

– Extreme intoxication –
There is an automatic $100 charge to the credit card used for the reservation if you or someone in your party gets sick on the bike.
This is a big party foul.

Should I tip the driver?

Our drivers work very hard to ensure you have the best possible experience. If they show you a good time and you’re feeling tipsy, please show them you are happy with their service! Standard tips normally range from 15-22%.

You found a great place to ask questions and get answers. If we think the rest of our customers can benefit from your questions, then we’ll include it in our FAQ. Thank you for the inquiry.

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