Craft Beer

Craft beers are increasingly becoming popular throughout the US and the world as a whole. And the main reason for that is because of the fact that craft beer is much cheaper than the traditional bitter beer, it has more health benefits, reduces your trips to the bathroom, and has a stronger alcohol content than traditional beer.

craft beer

Craft beer does not use any artificial additives, and some of the natural ingredients used in its production include; lemons, oranges, strawberries and a blend of other fruit to some degree. All these are concocted to bring out a some very interesting flavoring.

In short, craft beer is growing and there seems to be no stopping it. This should be welcomed by beer lovers all over the country as well as the industries that craft beer supports.

With all the flavors you can find craft beer in, you are sure to find one that will suit you. Many different ingredients are used, and it also has more health benefits than any beer including even red wine. Nutrients include vitamins and antioxidants.



craft beer

There are well over 1,600 craft beer breweries in the US with close to 90% of these being classified as small and independent. Although these craft beer breweries have enjoyed some success and also faced some challenges, one thing for sure is that they would not have reached where they are right now had it not been for global beer lovers. And although craft beer constitutes for 3% beer sales in the US this figure is steadily on the increase as millions of the adult population enjoy it.

The vast success of craft beer lies in the consumers and beer lovers. It is all thanks to these that craft beer is enjoying success.

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  1. The beer lovers can relate in this infographic. It is not easy to compress all the information about the craft beer in this single visualization, but the designer managed to do it. Good work to the hands of the person who did this infographic.

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