Sac Brew Bike UpdatesFull view of the Sacramento Brew Bar

If you haven’t yet heard, the Sac Brew Bike’s latest project is the “Sac Brew Bar”. This new bar will be a starting and end spot for all of the Sac Brew Bike tours, and includes a small taproom which focuses entirely on locally produced commercial craft beers to showcase and promote some of the great beers the city of Sacramento has to offer.

Sac Brew Bar’s Grand Opening will be on Saturday, October 3rd at 7:30PM, however, they’ll be open early, starting at 10:30AM that same day. Featured beers of the weekend lineup include Jackrabbit, Yolo, Bike Dog, Oak Park, Mraz, and New Helvetia.  Read the article at Beers in Sac to learn more!


“Join us for a drink at the Sac Brew Bar”

Sac Brew Bar is located at 1519 19th St. in Midtown Sacramento
and will be open 2PM-10PM from Tue. to Thu., and 10:30AM-10PM from Fri. to Sun.


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